2-in-1 Brush Care

Palmat® deep cleans  for just $9.95

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About Practk® By Sigma Beauty®

Sigma Beauty is one of the industry’s most-loved cult brands and it’s no secret that they’re world leaders in patented, scientifically-engineered brushes and brush care (plus, much more!), so when they saw an opportunity to reach a new market with that same technology, at an affordable price – Practk® hit the scene! We burst in with a tiny but mighty 2-in-1 tool that helps do your chores, so you can get back to beauty. The Palmat® can be worn on your palm or suctioned to your sink as a brush care mat. Palm + Mat = Palmat® – Get it?

Say goodbye to dirty makeup brushes


Comfortable, universal fit you can customize.


Secure suction cups

Firmly suctions to your sink for hands-free cleaning.



Wear on your palm for quick, controlled cleaning. 


Quick. Easy. Clean.

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